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Painting series, performance, and book project with text by Max Steele.


So welcome to bonus world. Have you been here yet? Do you know how to get there? To find it? Unlock it? Swap out block for empty space. Where there are usually things, there’s nothing. You get used to it.

Replace ground with sand, fire. Water pit.
Monster surprise. You have to watch out for them.
Slot machine. Chaos emerald.
Coins Gold Rings Points Power Lives Hearts Time Chances
Up Up Down Down Left Left Right Right X Y X Y A B A B L R L R Start Select

Everything makes you stronger. Whatever you destroy you become. What you pass you absorb. It becomes part of the story once you complete it. When you beat them, you get their powers. You use the power you got form the last quest to get through the next one. It keeps going on like this until the end and then past it. You feel it coming and it does and it’s over and you start to wish it’d stop but it doesn’t. Is it a reward or a punishment this afterlife this post petit mort. It is quiet, though. It’s slow. Do you know where you are. Do you recognize this. Doesn’t this feel familiar. The music at lest. Do you recognize the music.

You know I’m psychic in the dark. I’m telepathic at night. I just pick up on it but it goes both ways. I bleed out. too. Hey is this moon a mirror. Do you know how to get out of here. Do you want me to show you. It’s easier if I do it and you watch.

If you fall it’s okay. You can get more lives.
You can have some of mine.
I’ll show you where to find them.
It’s not hard. Once you know how.

There’s no gravity. You just disappear. We’re over it.
This is all for extra credit. These lives don’t count. It keeps going.

When you’re dreaming the clocks stop. Permanent night in outer space.
New nail polish color: Permanight. The look is Dark Firmament for Fall/Winter. No seasons out here though. On the road. On your ride. How would you get around without it? I mean what would you do without me.

It will wait. We can go. We can save our progress. We’ll remember. I promise. We can come back. Anytime. Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be scared of. It will always be here. Dreaming of you to come back and finish it. If anything, we’ll change. This place will stay the same. We’re the ones who will be different when we return. How will we recognize it. If we ever go. We don’t have to leave. We can keep playing. I know a code. I can show you this move. This secret exit. This warp. This escape. This hidden goal. Every hole’s a portal if you know how to get through it and I can show you how.

Do you see it. Tidied, restrained. Boxed in. Can you guess where it is. You only have so many chances. So many live. - Max Steele