The imagery in my work references the themes such as dreams, memories, rituals, and hauntings, that speak to the human experience lived and imagined. My aim is to tell stories of regenerative life cycles of all kinds - human, geological, ecological, and spiritual. Recent work considers memories of rituals from my Jewish upbringing, as well as other biblical, mythological, and personal stories that reference ritual practice in all aspects of living and dying.

The materials that I use and collaborate with are as meaningful to the content as the imagery. The colors are produced almost entirely with natural pigments and inks which I have foraged for in sites such as ochre or clay deposits, or extracted from plants such as sumac, buckthorn, and black walnut. Other materials I have collected from around the world, purchased from suppliers, or have been given to me as gifts. I consider painting with ochres, minerals, and natural inks as a form of time travel - of bringing together birth and death, old and new. I work with these materials because they are both transient and still, echoing my exploration of what time and materiality might mean within a greater awareness of the world around us.